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Updated May 2, 2014

Hello and welcome to Website101.net. Think of us as your “Web Design for Dummies” kicked up a notch. Whether you’re new to website design and development or you have some experience, you’re sure to learn something from our site. Our beginner-friendly material can help you at every step of the website building process. If the next great idea is locked inside your head, we’ll help you get it out there!

Website101.net was founded on the notion that while lots of people have great ideas for great websites, not everyone can create a Facebook or Amazon site overnight. But with a little help (and maybe some well-placed infographics) we all could. Designing and building your first website can be difficult initially but once you know what you’re doing and more importantly why you’re doing it, you’ll have it under control in no time.

That’s where we come in. We’ll teach you what you need to know to build your very own website: everything from what is a domain name? to choosing the right web host, WordPress, search engine optimization, social media, and a whole lot more!

Our online community of computer aficionados will give you the information you need to build your site with ease and confidence. Through informational articles, videos, infographics and some impressive computer lingo, we’ll show you the steps to take to create a beautiful website that will bring traffic and enhance your online presence.

Our readers are the reason we are here, and we take great pride in doing what we do. If you have any feedback or questions please feel free to contact us. We’re happy to hear from you!

To your success,
The Website101.net Team

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